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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Improve a Home’s Curb Appeal & Health with These Spring Cleaning Tips for Roofs

Across the United States as winter comes to an end, snow and ice will quickly vanish. That marks the time to start spring cleaning, or at least start planning for it, which should include your roof.

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Of all the seasons, the harsh, cold months of winter can have the worst impact on roof shingles. This is truer in regions hit by multiple winter storms and sustain freezing temperatures for extended periods. Before the spring showers start arriving, a roof cleaning and, more importantly, a proper roof inspection are recommended. As a homeowner, you should not be surprised if your trusted roofing contractor contacts you to offer these services. Whether you do-it-yourself or hire a roofer, a good rooftop spring cleaning will extend the roof's lifespan while also giving its curb appeal a boost.

Residents in South Carolina and North Carolina can call on Palmetto Outdoor Solutions anytime for all their roofing needs. For those not so lucky, we offer these tips for things to lookout for while spring cleaning a roof.

Tree Limbs

This is more of a preventative measure but it is a very important one. Always ensure that no tree limbs touch the roof. Tree limbs that touch roofs tend to loosen-up the protective granules of the shingles by scraping over them - something that will greatly reduce the roof's life. Make sure to keep your trees trimmed enough to avoid having any of its limbs touch the surface. Additionally, you will want to remove any dead or loose hanging branches from surrounding trees. Such branches have the potential of crash down on the roof or becoming projectiles during severe thunderstorms.

Pine Needles and Leaves

A few randomly scattered leaves and pine needles on a roof are really nothing. However, if enough of them collect even in a small, dense pile problems can arise. This type of debris has the tendency to trap moisture and decompose. This can easily create mildew that stains the roof while adding unnecessary weight. Leaves and pine needles can also blocks gutters which leads to a whole new list of problems. This extra problems can be avoided if a home is equipped with a seamless gutter Rock Hill. A leaf blower, hose, or hand rake are the best tools for removing this debris from a roof, just be sure not to cause any damages in the process.


Your roof should not be the color green unless it is a garden roof or the roofing material was made that color. The best remedy is to remove leaves and trim back trees provide the roof with more sunlight exposure which will help dry it up faster. This technique significantly reduces, if not eliminates, the growth of moss.

Most home improvement stores carry products made to remove moss but, these chemicals can be harmful to both the user and the environment (this includes killing your garden). A safer alternative is adding some copper or zinc on a roof, which prevents moss growth. Strips of the material would need to be nailed to the ridges so rain runs over them and down the roof. As it does this, ions from the metals are dispersed effecting the moss’ ability to thrive.


If you see any discolored streaks on the roof, chances are that it may have an algae, fungus or mold growth. In addition to being unsightly, these can also erode the roofing material eventually causing leaks.

First and foremost, do not attempt to use a power washer on your roof! The excessive force of a power washer is a common cause of premature shingle failure since it quickly removes granules. Mold can instead be killed using a copper sulfate solution or chlorine bleach, which is applied with the help of a garden sprayer.

Less Work. Less Worry. More Time for Fun.

To best protect against moss, mold, and algae growth year-round, we recommend algae-resistant shingles be used for your next roof replacement, plus GAF’s StainGuard® Protection.

Rain Gutters

While heavy snowing during the winters can cause gutter damage, leftover debris and fall-leaves can cause them to get clogged. Come spring, you should check your gutters to verify that water flows through them easily. Be sure a parts are properly secure and not misaligned. Any disconnections, rust spots, and cracks will require gutter repair.

Additional Suggestions

Not every person is willing to climb up on their roof to have a look around, let alone clean it off. Even if someone does accomplish this feat, it is not guaranteed that they will be able to identify all or any potential issues. Flashing issues, missing shingles, chimney damage, and other problems that can be missed by the untrained eye. This is why we must recommend a periodic inspection be conducted by an expert roofing contractor.

As you can see, there are very practical reasons to spring clean residential and commercial roofs as well as practical approaches to get it done. It is essential for homeowners to utilize these tips for cleaning your roof if they wish to extend its lifespan. We encourage you to call Palmetto Outdoor Solutions for any roofing needs you may have. We also offer gutter repair, seamless gutter installation, and siding services Rock Hill, Columbia, and surrounding areas.