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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A Growing Trending: Garden Roofs

While the ideal vegetation to grow on your garden roof will change from one region to another, the types of plants are generally of the low-growing variety. Additionally, the optimal plants will be tolerant of harsh temperatures and other elements. Naturally, the best plants for your rooftop garden are those which grow on cliffs since they can naturally withstand the high winds and intense sun. But, that’s not the whole story.

When we talk about garden roofs (also known as vegetative roofs or green roofs), the first things we hear about them are their benefits - from reduced storm water runoff to giving a better energy performance and having a lesser urban heat island effect, among others. What you don't generally hear, however, is that growing one is an extremely beautiful and surreal experience. You may have imagined a roof covered will grasses and moss but, modern garden roofs are not so limited. Those who have grown one (or at least toured one) can live to tell how it is very much like standing on a mountaintop, where there's greenery everywhere and the birds and chirping.

Transforming an asphalt and gravel rooftop into lush green oasis may not be as simple as digging a few holes and planting trees and flowers but, it is possible with professional assistance. Before adding a garden to your commercial building or home, carefully consider your plant options and layout design. Do you want to keep things simple with ground covers or do you want the feeling of an exotic escape? In many cases, people and companies choose native plants that will support native animals including endangered birds and butterflies.

Once you have a vision in mind, share it with your local roofing company. Palmetto Outdoor Solutions, also know as Palmetto RSG in Rock Hill SC, can get your garden roof growing! Keep reading to learn how they do it.

How to get Growing and Start Benefitting

Now that we have covered what can be grown, you probably want to know how plants can be grown on your roof. In most chances, roofs are not ready-made for gardening and a professional roofer is needed to add this feature. Structural integrity, proper drainage, and safety will all have to be taken into consideration when planning and installing a rooftop garden or vegetated roof. 

With a LiveRoof® roofing partner, this can be done fast and efficiently thanks to their innovative systems. LiveRoof® systems get installed in the form of trays or modules, which nullifies the requirement for any sort of filter fabric, drainage layer, or drainage mat-like conventional systems.

Additionally, the system gives a range of options for plant variety and system depths. Whatever your requirement, the LiveRoof® system gives you the option of pre-vegetated units while also offering a broader plant selection. This systems do not need any extra watering or maintenance that typical vegetative roof systems need.

Many people are looking to save money where they can especially with the increasing cost of living and others are looking to improve upon current investments. Everyone can benefit from a garden roof as it will help better insulate a building while adding to its appealing making it more marketable. However, these are only a few of the advantages to having a vegetated roof installed and we encourage you to contact a local LiveRoof® roofing partner to learn more.