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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Why Vinyl Siding is a Popular Choice Among Homeowners

There are plenty of choices when it comes to the siding on a home, although many homeowners continually choose vinyl. Here is a closer look at why vinyl siding continues to be a popular choice in all kinds of neighborhoods. 

Vinyl siding often seems the best fit for most homeowners. One of the reasons it is such a popular choice is because it is practically maintenance free. In order to clean vinyl siding, there are no special types of sprays, washes or scrubs that need to be purchased. All it takes is a hose and some running water. Hose down your vinyl siding a few times a year and the extent of the maintenance is done.

Adding to the convenience of vinyl siding is the fact that most brands come with warranties that last a lifetime. That means there will not be the worry or inconvenience of having to replace your siding.

When some people think of vinyl siding Rock Hill SC, they conjure up images of ordinary appearances. That is not at all the case. In fact, there is some vinyl siding that looks identical to cedar shake. The good part is that it is not priced the same as cedar shake. Homeowners can purchase vinyl siding that looks like cedar shake for just a fraction of the cost.

Some homeowners may want to change up the look of their home. Vinyl siding lets them do that without any major renovations, or without spending a good deal of money. Vinyl siding also lasts for long stretches of time. Painting a home leaves the exterior susceptible to weather as it is not uncommon for paint to chip.

Vinyl siding is also durable and can withstand high winds and precipitation. It is also an option for homeowners looking to sell their home in the near future. As part of the siding installation process, the addition of insulation helps energy efficiency while house wrap serves the same purpose.

The options really are widespread when it comes to vinyl siding. There is an extensive amount of colors to choose from. That allows homeowners to be very selective when deciding on the perfect color for their home. They can mix and match an abundance of samples until they find the right color.

Palmetto Outdoor Solutions offers siding installation in many parts of South Carolina. Our team of experienced technicians can take care of all your residential siding Rock Hill, SC and its neighboring communities. Palmetto Outdoor Solutions is the top choice for the installation of siding, roofing, and seamless gutters.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Commercial Roofing Tips for Businesses

Businesses have plenty to worry about in regards to their day-to-day operations. Adding in the expense of roof repair is one more worry they do not need. Here are some Carolina commercial roofing tips that will help maximize the life span of a commercial roof.

Regular Inspections

It does not always take a professional to conduct an ordinary inspection. Getting up on the roof and taking a look around could expose some minor problems before they turn major. It is always good to be on the lookout for bad flashing, punctures or any other things that are out of the ordinary. Random moss, algae or discolorations of any kind may be issues to look out for.

Keep a Clean Roof

Some commercial roofs are far from empty as there are various protrusions. The more things that are on the roof, the greater the chances they have of becoming dislodged. That could present a danger not only to the roof, but to people on ground level. Removing excess snow from flat roofs is also recommended in the winter.

Eye up the Drainage

There are a good deal of commercial buildings not equipped with overflow drains. This could pose structural problems if left unattended to. By keeping an eye on the building drainage, businesses could prevent a potential disaster. If there are signs of a drainage problem, get a professional up on the roof just to be safe.

Know the Basics

Certain types of commercial roofing are only expected to last for a certain amount of time. Certain roofs also incur some common problems. Commercial business should get familiar with their particular roof and know what to anticipate in the years to come. Knowing what components of a roof need a little extra TLC could preserve a commercial roof for a long time.

Professional Maintenance

Just like a business maintenances its equipment, it should also perform regular maintenance on its roof. A professional roofer will know exactly where to look for problems. That means checking small details like ensuring all of the seams are sealed. The pros can identify issues and recommend adjustments that the casual observer would be inclined to miss.

Palmetto Outdoor Solutions in Rock Hill SC has years of experience performing all kinds of work when it comes to commercial roofing in Charlotte, NC. Our team of professionals also services commercial roofs in Rock Hill, SC and the surrounding areas. Businesses can take advantage of all the commercial roofing services offered by Palmetto Outdoor Solutions.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Protecting Your Seamless Gutters From Ice Dams

Investing in seamless gutters is something that should not be taken lightly. That investment provides an added appeal to homes and should not be wasted. There are ways of ensuring unwanted problems do not occur and here is a look at how to prevent ice dams from damaging your gutters.

Ice dams form because of heat loss in the attic. What happens is the heat escapes onto the roof and melts snow. That melting snow then drips down into the gutters and refreezes, forming what is known as ice dams. Palmetto Outdoor Solutions warns that these ice dams can cause a variety of problems, which include water leaks inside the home, many of which can bring a fair amount of damage to the foundation.

The ice dams can also get very heavy and even pull down entire gutters. That could ruin a homeowner’s investment in seamless gutters and tack on the cost of replacement gutters. Ice dams also present the possibility of dangerous pieces of jagged ice falling on anyone walking underneath. When the ice drips downward, it can create slippery walking conditions below.

ice dams, gutters, roofThe best way to prevent ice dams is to ensure that your home’s attic is properly ventilated. The temperature in your attic is important and that can often be a direct cause of ice dams. Fitting your attic with proper ventilation can also help out with your home’s energy efficiency. Adding insulation beneath the roof deck will also help control those temperatures. A roofing contractor can help you determine the best remedy for your roof and gutters.

Another way to prevent ice dams is to remove snow from the roof after a snowfall. Purchasing a long broom with an extended handle will allow homeowners to clear the snow without having to actually get up on the roof. However, be wary of roofs that are too high as that could present a danger. If there ever is an occasion to climb on the roof, take the necessary precautions, or just call on a professional.

It is also important to not use rock salt when attempting to melt any ice dams. This can have a negative effect on paint and the salt water can kill plant life down below.

Palmetto Outdoor Solutions is ready to install seamless gutters in Charlotte, NC homes of all kind. Also providing service for seamless gutters in Rock Hill, SC, Palmetto Outdoor Solutions relies on a team with years of experience that provides top-notch workmanship when it comes to roofing, siding and more.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Improve a Home’s Curb Appeal & Health with These Spring Cleaning Tips for Roofs

Across the United States as winter comes to an end, snow and ice will quickly vanish. That marks the time to start spring cleaning, or at least start planning for it, which should include your roof.

home in the spring, spring clean, roof cleaning, roof inspection
Of all the seasons, the harsh, cold months of winter can have the worst impact on roof shingles. This is truer in regions hit by multiple winter storms and sustain freezing temperatures for extended periods. Before the spring showers start arriving, a roof cleaning and, more importantly, a proper roof inspection are recommended. As a homeowner, you should not be surprised if your trusted roofing contractor contacts you to offer these services. Whether you do-it-yourself or hire a roofer, a good rooftop spring cleaning will extend the roof's lifespan while also giving its curb appeal a boost.

Residents in South Carolina and North Carolina can call on Palmetto Outdoor Solutions anytime for all their roofing needs. For those not so lucky, we offer these tips for things to lookout for while spring cleaning a roof.

Tree Limbs

This is more of a preventative measure but it is a very important one. Always ensure that no tree limbs touch the roof. Tree limbs that touch roofs tend to loosen-up the protective granules of the shingles by scraping over them - something that will greatly reduce the roof's life. Make sure to keep your trees trimmed enough to avoid having any of its limbs touch the surface. Additionally, you will want to remove any dead or loose hanging branches from surrounding trees. Such branches have the potential of crash down on the roof or becoming projectiles during severe thunderstorms.

Pine Needles and Leaves

A few randomly scattered leaves and pine needles on a roof are really nothing. However, if enough of them collect even in a small, dense pile problems can arise. This type of debris has the tendency to trap moisture and decompose. This can easily create mildew that stains the roof while adding unnecessary weight. Leaves and pine needles can also blocks gutters which leads to a whole new list of problems. This extra problems can be avoided if a home is equipped with a seamless gutter Rock Hill. A leaf blower, hose, or hand rake are the best tools for removing this debris from a roof, just be sure not to cause any damages in the process.


Your roof should not be the color green unless it is a garden roof or the roofing material was made that color. The best remedy is to remove leaves and trim back trees provide the roof with more sunlight exposure which will help dry it up faster. This technique significantly reduces, if not eliminates, the growth of moss.

Most home improvement stores carry products made to remove moss but, these chemicals can be harmful to both the user and the environment (this includes killing your garden). A safer alternative is adding some copper or zinc on a roof, which prevents moss growth. Strips of the material would need to be nailed to the ridges so rain runs over them and down the roof. As it does this, ions from the metals are dispersed effecting the moss’ ability to thrive.


If you see any discolored streaks on the roof, chances are that it may have an algae, fungus or mold growth. In addition to being unsightly, these can also erode the roofing material eventually causing leaks.

First and foremost, do not attempt to use a power washer on your roof! The excessive force of a power washer is a common cause of premature shingle failure since it quickly removes granules. Mold can instead be killed using a copper sulfate solution or chlorine bleach, which is applied with the help of a garden sprayer.

Less Work. Less Worry. More Time for Fun.

To best protect against moss, mold, and algae growth year-round, we recommend algae-resistant shingles be used for your next roof replacement, plus GAF’s StainGuard® Protection.

Rain Gutters

While heavy snowing during the winters can cause gutter damage, leftover debris and fall-leaves can cause them to get clogged. Come spring, you should check your gutters to verify that water flows through them easily. Be sure a parts are properly secure and not misaligned. Any disconnections, rust spots, and cracks will require gutter repair.

Additional Suggestions

Not every person is willing to climb up on their roof to have a look around, let alone clean it off. Even if someone does accomplish this feat, it is not guaranteed that they will be able to identify all or any potential issues. Flashing issues, missing shingles, chimney damage, and other problems that can be missed by the untrained eye. This is why we must recommend a periodic inspection be conducted by an expert roofing contractor.

As you can see, there are very practical reasons to spring clean residential and commercial roofs as well as practical approaches to get it done. It is essential for homeowners to utilize these tips for cleaning your roof if they wish to extend its lifespan. We encourage you to call Palmetto Outdoor Solutions for any roofing needs you may have. We also offer gutter repair, seamless gutter installation, and siding services Rock Hill, Columbia, and surrounding areas.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Benefits Energy Efficient Siding Compared to Regular Siding

Each year, the extremes of hot and cold temperatures throughout the year end up consuming a large portion of a home’s energy. Without changing their heating and cooling habits, it is possible to homeowners to reduce this seasonal spike in energy costs.

Thanks to ongoing innovations in science and construction, homeowners have increasing options to help make their home or business more energy efficient. Today, we will discuss the homes main external defense against energy waste - siding.

R-Value of Siding

The R-Value of an appliance or a building material refers to its level of energy efficiency. The higher the R-Value, the more energy efficiency the product is. Most types of siding have a score of less than 1. As a matter of fact, many siding types have very low R-Values of 0.11. On the other hand, some siding types have high R-Value scores from 3 to 5.

All the numbers and research can be quite daunting for some but, thankfully there are experts here to help. The team at Palmetto Outdoor Solutions is ready to help you with siding Columbia and Rock Hill, SC as well as Charlotte, NC. Go ahead, give us a call when you are ready to discuss siding for your home or business.

siding installation

Energy Efficient Insulated Siding

When compared to common siding types, those made from steel, aluminum or insulated vinyl can prove to be up to five times more energy efficient. These sidings prove their worth with an average R-Value score of 2.5 to 5+, and can help your house pass the level to achieve the Energy Star designation. In addition, the more durable, energy saving sidings also need much less maintenance. For example, insulated vinyl siding would be expected to last at least 30 years.

When you replace your old, worn out or damaged siding with an energy efficient and insulated siding, you might want to consider replacing or adding more exterior insulation first. The quality and efficiency of insulation products have likely improve drastically since your was built. This new exterior insulation and insulated siding in addition to your home’s interior insulation and spray foam mean you should start seeing big savings in electric.

Other Benefits of Using Sidings That Are Energy-Efficient

Remember, a few bucks a month can add up quickly. When you make the decision to get energy efficient siding to help lower utility costs, those savings can cover the costs within a few short years.

  • The following are some other benefits of using siding made up of steel, aluminum or insulated vinyl:
  • Aids your home in achieving the Energy Star designation: A home that has the Energy Star designation stands to gain several incentives and tax credits from some electric companies.
  • Increases the lifespan of the HVAC system: By sealing your house's envelope, you will reduce stress faced by your HVAC system, especially during the extreme summer and winter temperatures.
  • Reduces your house's vulnerability to mold: With your home or business sealed up and protected, it is unlikely humidity will be able to seep in. This means moisture cannot build and mold cannot grow.
  • Increase your house's value: With an increase in energy efficiency, the resale value of your house goes up too. Plus, it looks good.

Do you still have questions regarding energy efficient siding, or want to know if sidings made of steel, aluminum or insulated vinyl is the thing for you? Don't hesitate to contact us!
Palmetto Outdoor Solutions specializes in siding, seamless gutters, residential and commercial roofing Rock Hill SC to Columbia, SC.